What the Pandemic Taught Travelers About Insurance

Article written by Jim Sano, the former president of Geographic Expeditions, a Yosemite Park Ranger and senior advisor for Global Rescue, the world's leading medical, security, evacuation and travel risk management provider for services enterprises governments and individuals.

What did people learn about traveling during a pandemic? Their travel insurance did not provide the protection they expected.

Travelers who assumed their trip insurance would reimburse COVID-19-related trip cancellation, interruption, delay, change fees and health care received during their trips, including testing to return home, discovered they were wrong.

"When the pandemic struck, many travel insurance policies failed to cover COVID-19-related trip interruptions and cancellations," according to a report in The New York Times.

Travel insurance coverage "limitations have been brought into stark relief during the coronavirus pandemic, leaving would-be travelers frustrated over denied claims for hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars," reported the Chicago Tribune. "Plane tickets, vacation homes, and other excursions are going uncovered even though some say they couldn't have reached their destinations because of ski resorts shuttering, beaches closing, and governors urging everyone to stay home."

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